The All-Seeing Eye



Winner of the Roy Purdue Trophy, New Writing Festival, The Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, London, March 2007, where the play was premiered.


Cast: 7 - 2m, 5f

(There is also a shorter, one-act version of this play, running time: 45 minutes, cast: 4 - 2m, 2f.)


Set: a single interior


Meet Iris Perkins, an enterprising pensioner who’s found a novel way to beat the credit crunch. Iris answers a newspaper ad and soon becomes a celebrity, thanks to a shadowy figure named Jane. Things go swimmingly for Iris – until her family finds out. A play that explores our relationship with intrusive technology and voyeuristic TV, as well as challenging our perceptions about the elderly.




Mercury Falling

Black Comedy (could be developed as a musical)


Cast: 10 - 3f, 7m

Set: 3 interiors (hotel suite, rehearsal hall, dressing room)

One of the biggest-selling recording artists in the world, Mercury Capek is riding the crest of a wave. She appears to have everything: youth, beauty, talent, the adoration of legions of fans. But something unsavoury lurks beneath the surface, something Mercury’s Svengali-like producer does not want the public to know.


The Perfect Builder



This short two-hander was designed as a competition piece to show off the actors' range. Running time: 10 minutes.


Cast: 2 - 1f, 1m (male doubles on 2 roles)


Set: minimal


Everyone dreams of the perfect builder - competent, quiet, courteous, efficient - but few are as lucky as Karen. Her builder Jeff is one in a million, an attractive hunk who quotes Byron and treats her to champagne. But even with the best of builders, a kitchen renovation never goes entirely to plan.


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