The Coat of Looking On

Cast: 6 (2m, 4f)  Running time: 90 min

An elderly woman tries to convince a detective that she has been an espionage agent as she weaves him a tale of deception, betrayal and murder. Part thriller, part morality tale, The Coat of Looking On explores how a blind belief in political ideology can make individuals betray their country and the ones they love. 



Cast: 3 - 1f, 2m

Set: 2 interiors (Rachel's apartment, rehearsal stage)

Running time: 80 min

Rachel Kinver is a rising star, a female magician whose stage act features a daring and dangerous illusion first performed by Harry Houdini. Rachel's career, however, hangs in the balance following the death of her mother and an accident on stage when her signature illusion went disastrously wrong. As the play begins, Rachel is introduced by an old friend to a mentalist named Sean Archer, who claims to be in contact with Rachel's late mother. He claims Rachel's life is in danger. Who does Rachel believe, and how does she separate truth from illusion?


Mercury Falling
Book by Dianne Cutlack, Music and Lyrics by Leigh Stevenson

Cast: 6 principals (2f, 4m) and 8 in chorus

One of the biggest-selling recording artists, the pop star Mercury appears to have everything: youth, beauty, talent and legions of adoring fans. But something unsavoury lurks beneath the surface, something Mercury's Svengali-like producer does not want the public to know.

Mercury Falling is a fun, exuberant musical set in the 1980s with over 20 witty and sophisticated original songs.

Elemental: Turner Illuminated
A play for the Turner's House Trust

Toured south London Mar 28-April 6 2014

Cast: 8 (3f, 5m) Running time: 90 min

1822. With the opening of his fine new gallery in Queen Anne Street, London, the landscape painter William Turner seems to have conquered the arts world. He has loyal patrons, a country villa in Twickenham, a prominent position within the Royal Academy, and soon he will receive his first commission from the King. Yet his work continues to divide opinion. His private life is the subject of gossip and mirth, and his limited education and humble background make him the target of ridicule. Can he survive a bruising campaign by the art patron Sir George Beaumont, who does not consider Turner a 'gentleman'?

A portrait of one of England's most influential and controversial painters.

The Last Great Lady

Premiered at Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham, December 7-19, 2012.

Cast: 4  - 1f, 3m
Running time: 90 min

The Last Great Lady tells the true story of Lady Frances Waldegrave, Victorian political hostess. Confidante of statesmen and royalty, artists and poets, Frances' rise to the heights of London society was all the more remarkable because she was not born into the aristocracy. Inheriting her title and estates from her second husband, Lord George Waldegrave, Frances was destined to marry four times - but only once for love.

A romantic and colourful celebration of the life and loves of an extraordinary woman. 

"Intelligent, moving and occasionally witty...a gem not to be missed." - read full review here.

The Sign of the Strawberry
A comedy promenade play for Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, Mar 20-29 2012

Cast: 5 - 2f, 3m
Running time: 90 min

Far, far away - in a humble village called Twickenham - lives a fair maiden named Isabella. Isabella may not look like a heroine, but she certainly behaves like one, for she has been reading Gothic novels since she was old enough to pick up a book and turn the pages by herself. Isabella finds herself at a spooky old house called Strawberry Hill, where she meets the ghost of Horace Wapole, his plucky servant Grey, and a handsome young orphan named Hero. Walpole sets Hero a test of courage: if he spends the night in a bedchamber haunted by a hideous Mad Monk and lives to tell the tale, he will become rich and famous. Prepare for a night of Gothic chills and thrills, culminating in a Ghosts Ball in the magnificent Long Gallery of Strawberry Hill.

The All-Seeing Eye



Winner of the Roy Purdue Trophy, New Writing Festival, The Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, London, March 2007, where the play was premiered.


Cast: 7 - 2m, 5f

(There is also a shorter, one-act version of this play, running time: 45 minutes, cast: 4 - 2m, 2f.)


Set: a single interior


Meet Iris Perkins, an enterprising pensioner who’s found a novel way to beat the credit crunch. Iris answers a newspaper ad and soon becomes a celebrity, thanks to a shadowy figure named Jane. Things go swimmingly for Iris – until her family finds out. A play that explores our relationship with intrusive technology and voyeuristic TV, as well as challenging our perceptions about the elderly.


Mind Games
A Techno-Thriller

Cast: 3 - 1f, 2m
Set: a single interior (laboratory)

Running time: 90 min

Professor Healy Regan and his assistant Alec are researching the brain-machine interface, a technological link between mind and computer. They believe their research has led to a breakthrough, the transfer of emotions and intentions from one mind to another. Into their lab walks Claire, Alec's girlfriend, a willing test subject. What begins as an experiment to gather more data descends into mind games of jealousy and vengeance that can only lead, ultimately, to disaster.



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